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Let us show you how quickly GibbsCAM can start making money for you, often paying for itself in the first few months. We would like the opportunity to visit and demonstrate how with GibbsCAM your staff can easily create CNC programs for your machine tools, for your parts using your data files compared to how you're programming now.

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Texas Offline Takes the Gold


Texas Offline struck gold at the annual GibbsCAM Reseller meeting in Moorpark, CA. “Top Reseller in the World” was awarded to the team of Texas Offline Inc. for 2007. “Our win was directly contributed to our faithful customers and hard working Associates”, commented Jason Heyse, President of Texas Offline, who has the largest network of Associates and Partners than any GibbsCAM Reseller.

There were 6 top places awarded to the GibbsCAM President club 2007 behind Texas Offline; Japan, Minnesota, Switzerland, Sweden, Illinois and Ohio. In the eleven years that Texas Offline has been in business they have been in the President’s club and awarded ten consecutive trophies. They were the first GibbsCAM Reseller to reach the President’s club only in their second year of business with the fastest steadiest growth to date. “Most New Sales” was awarded to Texas Offline in 2006 and the first Company to receive that award in its conception. Last year Texas Offline won second place in the world beat by Japan, but first place in the USA.

Texas Offline home office is in Houston, Texas and has been meeting CAD/CAM needs in the south since 1996 where they sell only GibbsCAM 100% of the time. The “Official GibbsCAM Training Center for the South” is located in both Houston and Dallas & staffed by a Certified Technician where they hold GibbsCAM classes every day of the week. Other Texas Offline Offices are located in San Antonio and Missouri. Texas Offline provides sales, service, their own in-house technical support and training to those looking for value added software. They have been awarded Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas to distribute GibbsCAM and have a network of Associates who sell in Missouri and Kansas.

The current GibbsCAM product line supports 2- through 5-axis milling, turning, mill/turning, multi-task simultaneous machining and wire-EDM. They have a full library of strong proven post for all the new 5-Axis and MTM machines. GibbsCAM also provides fully integrated manufacturing modeling capabilities that include 2D, 2.5D, 3D wireframe, surface, and solid modeling. GibbsCAM’s data exchange capabilities are able to access the broadest range of native and industry standard CAD data formats.

For over 20 years, Gibbs and Associates has been a leader in providing cutting edge CAD/CAM technology, while maintaining its signature ease-of-use and productivity. Powerfully Simple, Simply Powerful is the guiding philosophy at Gibbs. Gibbs believes in empowering the NC programmer, machinist, and manufacturing engineer, not eliminating them. Gibbs’ goal is to introduce manufacturers to new technologies and new ways of working that makes their machining easier and their businesses more profitable. To achieve this goal, Gibbs creates tools that are naturally intuitive, graphically interactive, extremely visual, associative, and just plain enjoyable to use. Gibbs provides a total quality solution with the service and support successful customers require.

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