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Let us show you how quickly GibbsCAM can start making money for you, often paying for itself in the first few months. We would like the opportunity to visit and demonstrate how with GibbsCAM your staff can easily create CNC programs for your machine tools, for your parts using your data files compared to how you're programming now.

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VoluMill - Products & Services


Don't believe it? Scroll to the bottom of this page to watch VoluMill remove material 3X faster than you're cutting now.


Safely run your machine tools at top speeds and feeds.
Dramatically reduce cycle times and increase your profits.
Easily handle any pocket geometry and efficiently machine open shapes.
Extend the life of your cutting tools and reduce stress on your machine tools

And the best part?

It fully integrates into GibbsCAM!

VoluMill is a high-performance toolpath engine from Celeritive Technologies that integrates directly into GibbsCAM. It handles any geometry, is easy to use, and outperforms all other toolpath technologies.

Using VoluMill in place of traditional 2-axis routines will reduce your cycle times, extend the life of your cutting tools, and place considerably less stress on your machine tools, thereby reducing your costs while increasing your productivity. VoluMill provides these benefits by fully utilizing the capabilities of modern machining hardware to control the rate of material removal. It plans the toolpath based on the abilities designed into the machine tools and cutting tools, irrespective of the shape being cut. Traditional toolpath strategies, by contrast, are derived from the geometry being machined, filling the bounded area with a zigzag pattern, or offsetting the boundary geometry until it collapses on itself.


Key Advantages and Benefits:

1) High-performance, smart toolpath engine.

VoluMill handles ANY part geometry with a single toolpath that outperforms all other 2-axis rough-milling toolpaths where it matters most: on the shop floor. VoluMill toolpaths reduce cycle times and extend cutting-tool life.

2) Powerful, efficient toolpaths for open shapes.

A weak link in many CAM systems. Cut ANY combination of part/stock boundaries easily; all open edges are fully leveraged for efficient machining and to minimize plunging into the material.

Open Shape


3) Intelligent slot milling and side milling options.

For softer metals, provides the fastest possible cycle time. Intelligently selects slot milling or side milling to maximize the material removal rate. Feedrates and axial depths of cut are automatically adjusted in slot milling to maintain a constant material removal rate, and can be overridden by the programmer. For harder materials, users can require side milling over the entire toolpath to avoid burying the cutter.

Side MillSlot Mill


4) Fast machining of small pockets

The fastest way to clear out small pockets. Efficient, specialized tool motion for tight spaces; VoluMill automatically applies this special milling logic as needed.

  Small Pocket  


5) Up to 100% stepover with no uncut material.

Complete floor cleanup is always ensured. NO uncut stands of material will be left behind regardless of the size of the stepover. No special motion required, no extra option to learn.

Stepover - VMStepover - Std


6) High-feed repositioning with floor clearance.

Fully leverages the machine's capabilities. Tool moves safely and as quickly as possible when not engaged in material. Clears the floor by a small amount when repositioning at the highest possible speed without dragging it across an already-machined floor.

7) Cleanup Milling.

Use a small tool to cut material left by a larger tool in a previous operation. VoluMill motion ensures safe, efficient material removal.

8) Automatic feedrate adjustment.

Maintains a more consistent load on the cutting tool. No feedrate optimizer needed; VoluMill toolpaths include precise and automatic feedrate optimization.



  Need to see it to believe it? Play the video below to see and hear the difference for yourself.

Head-to-Head Comparison of VoluMill vs. a Parallel Offset Toolpath


Call or email us at for a quote on VoluMill for your shop.

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