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Let us show you how quickly GibbsCAM can start making money for you, often paying for itself in the first few months. We would like the opportunity to visit and demonstrate how with GibbsCAM your staff can easily create CNC programs for your machine tools, for your parts using your data files compared to how you're programming now.

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Texas Offline Brings Home Two Awards


Gibbs and Associates held their annual 2007 International Reseller Meeting in February in Agoura Hills, California.  Texas Offline was surprised to receive two First Place awards.  They were awarded First Place in total sales in North America, only to be beaten by Japan Internationally.  Gibbs also recognized that there needed to be a new award recognition for resellers that had the most new customer sales and Texas Offline won first place for adding more new customers than any other reseller worldwide.  “Our company cannot survive on our past merits alone”, stated Bill Gibbs; President of Gibbs & Associates, as he handed the trophy to Texas Offline recipients Jason & Cindy Heyse. “Texas Offline raises the bar to encourage all of us that we need to grow our business with new sales that are the life blood of our company”.

“We have always known that our strength lay in our new customer base”, stated Jason Heyse, Texas Offline President. “We are humbled to have received the two top trophies in both the US and world.  Texas Offline has never been about numbers or getting to the top, our vision for our company has always been about delivering a solid solution to our customers in an honest & trustworthy manner.  I think that simple philosophy alone is what we were awarded for.”

Texas Offline has been selling GibbsCAM for 11 years and has been given Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas as territories.  Gibbs sells their software only though Reseller channels with over 100 GibbsCAM Resellers worldwide from US, Europe & Asia.

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