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Training Classes are held from 8:00-5:00 each day with a computer workstation provided for each student. Class size is limited so reservations are required. Texas Offline reserves the right to  reschedule any class that does not meet the requirements.


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Texas Offline will give you 10% toward your annual maintenacne fees up to $750.00 for any lead that becomes a sale.

















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Trophy picture

Bill Gibbs presents trophy to Jason Heyse

Texas Offline Receives USA Top GibbsCAM Resellers Award

Gibbs and Associates held their annual Gibbs Reseller meeting early this year in Agora Hills CA.  Once again Texas Offline won the trophy for the Top Reseller in the USA. This is the 15th trophy for Texas Offline since opening in 1996.
          Texas Offline sells GibbsCAM in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Mississippi.   When asked what he contributed his success to, Jason Heyse replied, "I started my machine shop in my early twenties and went through the '80's oil crunch.  I never forgot what it was like to be a machine shop owner and the long hours and hard work I put in.  I have the utmost respect for all my customers, and I consider it a privilege to provide them good tools for their tool box.  We want to be an active partner in their business to help their business grow especially in this economic time.  When our customers are successful, the economy is successful and we all benefit."

"We have always known that our strength lay in our many Machine Associates in MO, KS, AR, OK, LA and Texas", stated Jason Heyse, Texas Offline President. "We are humbled to have received the #1 in Sales for the USA, especially in this economy.  Texas Offline has never been about numbers or getting to the top, our vision for our company has always been about delivering a solid solution to our customers in an honest & trustworthy manner.  I think that simple philosophy alone is what we were awarded for."

          Coming from the machining world since high school, Jason started Texas Offline Inc. in 1996.  Gibbs Corporate trusted him with the state of Texas that no one else had been successful in. "We have seen a lot of technology change in thirteen years and there is no where it has been more visible that in the Machining Industry."   After only a year of selling Gibbs, Jason was inducted into the Vice Presidents Club.  Gibbs Corporate finally took notice of the Lone Star State and Jason was allowed to branch out of the Houston area and opened a second office in North Texas and a third in Arkansas.  The second year of the business Jason was inducted into the Presidents Club where he has remained every since. There has never been a Gibbs Reseller who rose to the Presidents club so quickly before or since other than Texas Offline. He has continued to be one of the top Gibbs Resellers in the world and continually finds ways to raise the bar.

   For twenty-five years, Gibbs and Associates has been a leader in providing cutting edge CAD/CAM technology, while maintaining its signature ease-of-use and productivity.  Powerfully Simple, Simply Powerful is the guiding philosophy at Gibbs.  Gibbs believes in empowering the NC programmer, machinist, and manufacturing engineer, not eliminating them.  Gibbs' goal is to introduce manufacturers to new technologies and new ways of working that makes their machining easier and their businesses more profitable.  To achieve this goal, Gibbs creates tools that are naturally intuitive, graphically interactive, extremely visual, associative, and just plain enjoyable to use.  Gibbs provides a total quality solution with the service and support successful customers require.

         The current GibbsCAM product line supports 2- through 5-axis milling, turning, mill/turning, multi-task simultaneous machining and wire-EDM.  GibbsCAM also provides fully integrated manufacturing modeling capabilities that include 2D, 2.5D, 3D wireframe, surface, and solid modeling. GibbsCAM has received Microsoft's "Designed for Windows XP/2000" and "Works with Windows Vista" certifications.  GibbsCAM's data exchange capabilities are able to access the broadest range of native and industry standard CAD data formats.  GibbsCAM is certified under the Autodesk Inventor Certified Application Program, is a Solid Edge Certified Select Product, and is a SolidWorks Certified CAM Product.  GibbsCAM is either offered or endorsed by a number of leading worldwide control and machine tool manufacturers, including GE Fanuc, Infimatic, Siemens, Doosan Infracore, Haas, Index, MAG Fadal, Mazak, Mitsubishi, Mori Seiki, and Tornos. Gibbs and Associates distributes its products worldwide through a network of international Resellers. For more information on GibbsCAM please contact Texas Offline.   



Bill Gibbs to Speak at IMTS

Bill Gibbs, founder of GibbsCAM and president of Cimatron North America will show manufacturers how powerful CAM software can increase profits, at a speakers conference sponsored by the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), on September 16, 2010.

"Job shops, large and small, captive andindependent, are looking for economical ways to improve the bottom line, and survive this tough economic environment," said Bill Gibbs. "In an effort to help them, I will discuss key contributors to production costs that can be eliminated with an easy-to-use but highly capable CAM system such as GibbsCAM. The cost contributors are not theoretical, but real problems identified at various machining operations, where we have seen our own customers reduce or eliminate these costs."

Bill GibbsBill Gibbs founded Gibbs and Associates as a contract programming service for CNC part programming in 1982, and the company started developing CAD/CAM software two years later. In 2008, Gibbs and Associates merged into Cimatron to jointly become the seventh largest CAM provider in the world. Bill Gibbs is now president of Cimatron North America, marketing and selling both of Cimatron's main product lines, GibbsCAM and CimatronE.

The presentation, entitled "CAM Software and Your Profitability", is part of a conference series sponsored by IMTS, which will explore the relationship between innovative technology and business development. The conference runs from September 14-17, and Bill Gibbs' presentation will take place on Thursday, September 16, 2010, at 11:00 A.M., in the West Building of McCormick Place, in Chicago.


Next Generation MTM Features to Be Highlighted at IMTS


Gibbs and Associates will demonstrate forthcoming features of GibbsCAM MTM (multi-task machining) at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), September 13-18, at McCormick Place, in Booth E-3810

Highly Extended, Generalized MTM, with Improved Postprocessor Engine
MTMNo longer based upon or restricted to lathe operations, MTM has been redesigned to reduce the time and effort required to develop postprocessors, generate CNC programs and simulate machine motion. With its redesign, the software will program more complex machines and give users greater control of postprocessor creation. Users will interact through a new Machine Manager module to readily create definition files for multi-axis machines of various configurations; define assembly files for Machine Simulation; specify kinematics of machine configurations (axes, part stations, tool groups, etc.); specify machining preferences, such as work envelope, cycles and most frequently used options; and define interoperational events (tool or tool group changes, spindle changes, parking locations, etc.).

Extended Swiss-style Machine Support
Improved and extended support for thread whirling will be included in the new, generalized MTM. Machine Manager will replace the current MDD (machine definition) Editor to support programming and synchronization for machines with more than three flows.

Swiss-style Machine Simulation
GibbsCAM Machine Simulation moves beyond 5-axis, to include other multi-axis configurations, including multi-axis, multi-flow Swiss-style machines. Machine Simulation will now provide users off-line testing and prove-out for the most complex machines.

 "As developers of what is probably the most capable CAM system for multi-task machines, we recognize that MTM machines are becoming too sophisticated for lathe-centered CAM software," said Bill Gibbs, president of Gibbs and Associates and Cimatron North America. "Our new software will extend programming capability, efficiency and flexibility to drive more complex machines, and simplify the programming effort for our customers. It will also enable dynamic simulation of complex Swiss machines with multiple flows and other machines with more than five axes."



GibbsCAM Website


Has it been awhile since you've looked at the Gibbs Website   They have had a recent makeover and have added some noteworthy solutions you might want to take advantage of.


If you're considering upgrading to a new module, this is a perfect place to start.   GibbsCAM Production Mill and Lathe modules, all of our Solids, MTM, Wire, 5 axis and the new VoluMill, are all featured here. There are product data sheets on all the modules and some even have clips of the modules in action.  Give us a call after you've researched and Jason will be glad to show you a demo on any of these modules and we will deliver a quote to you.


Another new addition under News and Events is the Customer Showcase.  Customers like yourselves submit some really nice pictures of parts to Gibbs.  Gibbs will call and interview you to write the article.  This is great publicity for your company and you can always put a link on your website directing your customers here during this publication.  This is open to any GibbsCAM user.  Several of Texas Offline customers have been featured in this section.

Also under News and Events  are scheduled events, like Free Webinars hosted by Bill Gibbs, and a place to sign up for the free Gibbs Newsletters.


We especially want to bring to your attention to the Gibbs Chat Room under the Support tab.  Anyone can participate and chat with other Gibbs users like yourselves or read the topics of previous chats.  Sometimes the best solutions are discovered by Gibbs users just like yourself.  Additional Product Manuals can also be purchased under this tab.


We think you'll like the new look at so why not visit today?



Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Today more than ever it's important to keep your annual GibbsCAM Maintenance.  We are all experiencing tough times and looking to save money whenever we can.  Keeping your GibbsCAM up to date is a way of investing in tomorrow's technology that will keep you ahead of your competition.  It's also good business to not lose that initial investment you made when you purchased GibbsCAM.  With competition so great in our markets, you have to be ready  to take on any new work that comes in your door.  Continuing on your maintenance will assure you that you have cutting edge technology against your competitors.
After you win the bid on that job you won't want to find out that you can't bring in their CAD files.  You HAVE to have the current Gibbs to bring in current SolidWorks.  Just saving it as a previous version will not work.
Texas Offline believes in Maintenance so much that we will finance this for you ourselves in four monthly payments to make it easier for you.  Multiple times throughout this last year we have had to break the bad news to a customer when their key was stolen, they needed to add a module to make their machine work, or could not cut a hot job because they were not on maintenance.  Once you pass that point and let it expire, it is very difficult to come back because of the penalties.
If you have fallen on hard times, you are not alone.  Please let us know and we will do whatever we can to help our customers out.  Texas Offline's customers have been very faithful to us throughout the years, & in times of trouble, we want to help you out when we can.