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eNETDNC Now Sold by Texas Offline Inc.


After twelve years of selling only GibbsCAM, Texas Offline, the number one ranked GibbsCAM Reseller in the world has found a second product that they are eager to represent. eNETDNC will now be a product that Texas Offline will sell and service in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri and Kansas. “We have had several offers from other DNC packages for us to sell along side GibbsCAM, but until now, there hasn’t been that I have been this excited about representing”, states Jason Heyse, Texas Offline President. eNETDNC has taken the technology that is available today in the old DNC packages & transformed it with astonishing tools for your shop productivity. A spokesman from eNETDNC Corporate says “The competition is so great in the machining world that eNETDNC pays for itself when you can have real time machining data from your shop floor, right to your office regardless if you have 1000 machines or one.

eNETDNC is an Ethernet based CNC data management system that provides flexible, secure, reliable and cost effective data management, by allowing the user to connect CNC machine controls using an existing computer network. In addition to the basic DNC functions the eNETDNC system includes a full-featured CNC file editor. The editor provides useful programming tools including 2-D and 3-D back plotting and Smart File Compare. System security protects CNC files from unapproved access while providing machinists downloading capabilities. The eNETDNC system can be configured to include machine monitoring and data collection and supports all CNC machine control types including proprietary Mazatrol Formats.

eNETDNC LT is a Lite version of eNETDNC geared towards the machine shop with a limited number of machines or customers looking for a second seat of our CNC editor.

eNETDNC LT connects directly to the machine tools using the comports on your computer and ties them directly to the CNC machine. Up to 10 CNC machines can be connected using a comport expansion card. Small shops can now take advantage of technologies once reserved for large enterprise companies

eNETDNC includes a bullet-proof DNC system and comes with a full-featured CNC file editor. eNET Editor provides 2-D and 3-D back plotting, Smart File Compare and many more time-saving functions. You can be assured that eNET’s System Security protects CNC files from unapproved access while providing your machinists with all necessary downloading capabilities.

The most exciting module is the eNETDNC’s Ethernet based CNC file management system allows the user to connect CNC machine controls using your existing computer network.  Manufacturers will benefit from improved wireless, Ethernet and enterprise integration, scalability and security. The eNET wireless solution is based on the standard 802.11b wireless Ethernet and can be configured to work with an existing wireless network or as a stand-alone system. The wireless configuration is flexible; and can be installed to include all of the CNC machines or used in combination with a wired installation. In today's lean manufacturing environment, both manual and CNC machines tools are more mobile than they have been in the past. Each CNC machine is connected to the network via a single port eHUB that converts the RS-232 to Ethernet. This is linked to a wireless access point that communicates to the network. The wireless option eliminates the cost of running cables to each machine and allows customers to move machines freely.

Real time monitoring provides automatic idle time, cycle time, machine alarm and feed hold status that can all be reviewed remotely on the Machine Monitoring System. The machine monitoring system has the ability to monitor controller generated data. Based on this information the system determines the machine status. Either the machine is active or running production parts, it is in the set-up mode or the machine is idle. If the machine is idle, operators are required to report why the machine is idle. This portion of the monitoring system allows companies to configure the system to track data most relevant to their operation. The flexibility of the eNET system will help create focus on the nonproduction time and track the causes. The Machine Monitoring Dashboard displays real time status of each machine on the shop floor. This allows managers to react to problems as they occur rather than attempting to diagnose and explain problems based on post production reports. Machine Monitoring is also a perfect solution for companies that are Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The system can be configured to calculate and report machine or department specific OEE data automatically.

Additional benefits associated with eNETDNC include improved file management and storage, ISO\QS compliance for revision control; eliminate potential for running wrong parts, complete CNC file back-up, and most importantly an improved bottom line. Collecting production data at the machine allows employees to clock in and out of jobs without leaving their workstation. By adding the E-Terminal to the DNC system, an activity that normally requires operators to travel throughout the shop can be accomplished without taking a step. Data currently collected at PC’s terminals located in the shop can be communicated from the machine, this saves valuable machine time. Bar code scanners can be added to simplify input and improve data quality. The data collection feature allows companies to specify the data entered into the E-Terminal, this allows the eNETDNC data collection feature to be used with any shop management or ERP system. By configuring the collected data in the comma, tab, space or semi colon delimited format the information collected by the eNETDNC system can be uploaded directly into shop floor management packages like Job Boss, Visual Job Shop, DBA or any other system. Using the DNC system to collect manufacturing data eliminates the need for duplicate systems wired throughout the shop. It keeps the operator focused on the job at hand and reduces the amount of machine downtime. Finally, data collection at the machine improves your shop efficiency and impacts the bottom line.

For information on eNETDNC or GibbsCAM please contact Jason Heyse, President of Texas Offline Inc.

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