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eNETDNC - Wireless DNC


The eNETDNC wireless solution is based on the standard 802.11g,b wireless Ethernet and can be configured to work with an existing wireless network or as a stand-alonesystem. The wireless system is flexible; it can be configured to include all of the CNC machines or used in combination with a wired eNETDNC installation. In today’s lean manufacturing environment, machine tools are more mobile than they have been in the past. The wireless solution allows manufacturing flexibility without compromising system reliability.

Each CNC machine is connected to the network using a eWireless unit. The eWireless unit converts the RS232 signal from the machine to an Ethernet signal that can be broadcast to the network. The eWireless unit also contains an access point that then facilitates the communication. The wireless option eliminates the cost of running cable to each machine and allows customers to move machines throughout the shop without changing the DNC system. For the machine shop that has the need for both options, a system can be configured to handle both wired and wireless communication methods.

In addition to the RS-232 to Ethernet conversion, the single port eWireless unit provides security thru IP addressing and ensures data quality by performing CRC checking. One of the devices is plugged into the standard RS-232 serial communications port at each CNC. A wireless access point mounted in the ceiling above the shop acts as a communications hub for transmitting NC programs to individual machines on the floor. This device, an Ethernet client bridge, converts Ethernet to RS-232 input. Operators access the DNC system as if it were hardwired to the CNC, with no difference in how the DNC interface functions. All communications are performed using the standard CNC controller. This remote send/receive feature allows the operators to receive and save CNC files without leaving their work area.

The convenience of wireless technology without compromising reliability:


  • No need to string wires

  • Move machines without moving cables

  • No issues with shop interference or noise

  • Remote access from machine control

  • Encrypted for security

  • Built in verification for insured data integrity

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