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Let us show you how quickly GibbsCAM can start making money for you, often paying for itself in the first few months. We would like the opportunity to visit and demonstrate how with GibbsCAM your staff can easily create CNC programs for your machine tools, for your parts using your data files compared to how you're programming now.

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eNETDNC - Cabled DNC


eNETDNC’s Ethernet based CNC file management system allows the user to connect CNC machine controls using an existing computer network. 

Reliable, secure, flexible and cost effective, eNETDNC manages all your program files. With eNETDNC you may choose either hardwired, wireless or a combination of both.

eNETDNC includes an industrial grade hardware DNC system with a full-featured CNC file editor. eNET Editor provides 2-D and 3-D back plotting, Smart File Compare and many more time-saving functions. eNET’s System Security protects CNC files from unapproved access while providing your machinists with all necessary downloading capabilities.

eNETDNC can be expanded to include machine monitoring and data collection.
Management can access real time status for any machine on the shop floor with eNET Machine-Monitoring.  Operators can communicate job-related information directly from their machines with eNET Data Collection.


  • Supports all CNC machine control types including proprietary Mazatrol format.
  • System can be expanded to support an unlimited number of machines.
  • The powerful standard system can be expanded to include Data Collection, Machine Monitoring, Web Access and Wireless applications.
  • Able to drip/spoon feed multiple CNC machines simultaneously.
  • Machine configuration allows for operator feedback messaging system.
  • Able to inexpensively connect most NC tape machines to the system.


  • eHubs provide for secure network access allowing access to only the specified directories.
  • Original CNC files cannot be overwritten or deleted from shop floor access points.
  • All operator generated programming suggestions are stored for review and possible implementation.
  • Automated file compare feature reviews uploaded programs and highlights any suggested changes.
  • Network access allows for back-up of all CNC files to the server.


  • Software can be executed from any workstation.
  • Runs on any Windows® platform.
  • Industrial grade hardware and reliable software ensure data quality is preserved.
  • Includes built-in surge protection for serial ports.
  • Uses standard CAT5 cabling.

Cost Effective

  • Operators can upload and download CNC programs without leaving their machine or
    calling for support.
  • Enhances shop productivity by reducing machine downtime.
  • System design requires minimal hardware investment.
  • User-friendly software reduces the cost of system administration and support.


Additional Features Available

Machining Monitoring
The machine monitoring features allows for collection of real-time production data directly from the machine controls. Machine downtimes, cycle times and part counts can all be reviewed remotely using the Machine Monitoring feature and your existing network. The graphical display allows for easy review of data.

Data Collection
In addition to the machine monitoring, the eNET DNC system can also be configured to include data collection capabilities. With the addition of our E-Terminal, the DNC system can be upgraded to a full featured data collection system allowing machine operators to communicate job-related information directly from their machine. This data can then be configured to upload into your existing shop floor management system.

Wireless Connections
In addition to the traditional network connection of your machine tools, we also offer a wireless connection. The wireless solution can be implemented to include all of the CNC machines or used in combination with the standard installation.

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